We are fascinated by ...

  • Universal matter-wave interferometry:
    Scalable interferometer concepts and beam splitter techniques for atoms, large (bio)molecules and nanoparticles.
  • Quantum physics at the interface to the classical world:
    Mass limits of matter-wave interference, decoherence, wave function collapse. 
  • Quantum measurements for physical chemistry:
    Matter-wave fringes as quantum nanorulers to measure electro-magnetic, optical dynamical molecule properties.
  • Quantum tools for biomolecular physics:
    Matter-wave interferometry with vitamins, neurotransmitters, antibiotics and polypeptides.  
  • Optomechanics for new quantum ideas:
    Optical cooling of trapped nanoparticles to enable quantum experiments in new regimes.
  • Single-photon charge control of proteins
    Novel applications of biomolecular beams controlled by photo-cleavable tags.
  • Quantum sensors for mass spectrometry:
    Superconducting nanowire detectors as detectors for biopolymers and molecular beams. 

 Latest News


"Frontiers of Matterwave Optics" is the largest biannual matter-wave meeting. This year at ICTP/Triest.


Nanoscale Magnetism Probed in a Matter-Wave Interferometer


Experimental evaluation of Y and Hf clusters for matter-wave interferometry


Our new intern Martina Smacchia will be working on the SuperMaMa project for the next 2 months.


Our new intern Alice Judt will be working on the ELUQUINT project for the next 2 months.


Published: Exploring metal nanoparticles for matter-wave interferometry